Buying a House


Fusion Executes 

Post Close Marketing

Whenever You Submit an Escrow TCS

and Manages it for 3 Years!

Posted within 24 hours of submitting the Escrow TCS across your social networks.
Boosted to city/radius if requested.

Fusion Updates Your Database

We automatically add or update your buyer and/or seller information  ​
Updated or Added to Your CRM
Added to Custom Neighborhood Alerts
Added to Home Wealth Reports

Fusion Designs and Ships Branded Moving Boxes to Your Client

We now offer branded moving boxes!
  • Order to arrive 2 weeks before close of escrow
Regular recycled boxes also available

At Close of Escrow Fusion Posts

Just Sold on Social Media

And we'll boost it if requested!

Is There a Story to Tell About the Sale?

Fusion creates a slideshow that tells the story
  1. We post it to your social networks
  2. Add it to the video ad rotation on your Facebook/Instagram SOI branding campaign

After Close of Escrow Fusion Launches

Your 5-Star Review Program

Fusion sends an email drip campaign requesting a 5-Star Review
When your client clicks the link they see an easy to fill out form
Links are provided to your preferred review sites so they can easily cut & paste.  We also monitor review sites in case they leave reviews directly.
When a Review Comes In...
We add it to your website
We create a branded Testimonial Ad
and post it to your social feeds
We create testimonial postcards for your direct mail marketing plan

Fusion Mails a Thank You Letter to Your Client

  • We monitor reviews sites
  • Post any 5 Stars Reviews received on your Social Media
  • Post new 5 Star Reviews on your website
  • Add them to your All in One
  • Create branded social post images for future posting

Fusion Mails an 

Anniversary Card to Your Buyers

  • 1 year after the sale
  • 2 years after the sale
  • 3 years after the sale

Choose a Gift

We'll Customize

and Send It!

  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • Referral

Want Referrals?

Blow Your Buyer Away With Our

Year-Long Gift Program

9 Customized Gifts Over 12 Months


Just ask your PDE or Marketing Manager!

Always Investing in Your Growth.



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