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Below are some videos you can watch to help you take better real estate photos. Also, there are some key tips that will make you more successful. 

Gear you need. Practice, if there are new actions or things that you pick up from the content below make sure you practice them before you are on location of a shot for one of our partners. The time you put into practice will be worth it if you have to drive all the way back out to a property for a re-shoot. Take NOTES there is a lot of info and it will help you retain the info better if you take notes.


1. Good DSLR camera that you know how to work

     - You will need to know how to adjust aperture and exposure settings (shooting in RAW is best for any post work needed)

2. Sturdy/Solid tripod

     - You will need something that will not move or shift if a long exposure time is needed

3. Remote

     - if you can take a picture without touching the camera there is less chance of a blur shot on longer exposures

4. Wide angle lens

     - REALLY IMPORTANT minimum of an 18mm or wider is needed. Some parts of the home may be really tight/small like a bathroom and you want a lens that will show off as much of a room as possible without fish eyeing the shot (If your lines get warped from the wide angle use the Lightroom correcting tool to auto correct the lines - see the "How to straighten and color correct "video below)

5. Move small clutter 

     - You want great pics so the agents want to use you. Do not clean the house but for example, if there is something on a kitchen counter that will ruin a shot move it out of the frame take the shot and move it back (if the agent is at the shoot have them help and pre-setup the rooms to declutter the shots. It is in everyone's best interest.

6. Turn the lights on

     - You might need to do some white balance or color correcting in post to get rid of the yellow but if your photos are too dark it is harder to make them look good. No one wants to buy a dungeon, brighter rooms are more appealing and will get more buyers through the door.


- If you have any questions always contact your direct manager or supervisor -

Tips and Tricks 

Making Your Pics Look Awesome 

You want great photos especially if it is a high-end or luxury listing. So at time, you will need to correct some things you didn't notice on site, like photos too dark, too yellow, boring or dull pics, not enough contrast to show off depth and features, or crooked or warped lines. Blow are some video that can help you fix those problems.

- If you have any questions always contact your direct manager or supervisor -

Twilight Shots

This is not something we do on most shoots. Most shoots are during daylight hours but if there may be an exception a few times a year where a dusk shot will be needed, so here are some video to help you perform these shots.  


- If you have any questions always contact your direct manager or supervisor -



One of the things you will be doing while shooting listings is the property videos with the areal drone. There are a lot of elements of performing these shoots at a high level. Below are some resources to learn the gear, shoot great videos and get your drone pilot certification. 

To fly a drone for commercial purposes you need to get a drone pilot certification. You need to complete this task within 30 days of joining the Fusion Poto Team. Please go to your manager if you have any questions or need support. 


This is the number you will need to call to actually schedule your test date: 800-947-4228

There are testing locations throughout California. 

From our knowledge, you will go to the testing place you scheduled and selected, sit at a computer, complete the test; and if you pass, you should receive a print out with a certification number on it. You will then go online and register – her is the link:


Here are the links to  the study material(s):


The test has terms and things you may not be familiar and can be difficult if you do not study.

There is a fee for this process. You will need to pay the fees and turn in the receipt to HR or Accounting to get reimbursed. 

General Info
Testing Centers center



- If you have any questions always contact your direct manager or supervisor -

Sample of Shots you will need for a good Real Estate Video

The first 45 secs of this video will showcase some great samples of aerial shots you will need of the property

- A high to low reveal shot of the house

- A direct from above lot shot

- A smooth shot of the home from above (the smoother the shot the better

- A side to side pan of the home

- An approach shot (in the sample video the approach shot is in reverse (going away from the house) make sure your approach shot is going toward the home. It is easier to shot the approach shot sometime by starting at the house and flying backward away from the home just make sure you reverse the shot in post production to make the shot come at the house not away)

In this video, you will see some awesome features of the home and property that are around the home. Make sure you capture the essence of the home and what it would be like to live in the house or in the neighborhood. If the house has killer views make sure you capture them. If you are shooting a high-end listing make sure you feature the elements of the home that will attract the most buyers. On these shoots, the agent should meet you at the shoot make sure you talk to the agent about what features they would like you to highlight. 

Tips to better interior shots

1. Make sure your shots are a smooth as possible

     - the smoother the better. Even if you have an ugly home if you have smooth shots that are not jerky or shaky your video will look better. That goes for in the air also. Shoot smooth flying shots. This is hard so make sure you practice. Go to an open space and practice smooth shots on a static subject.


     - There is no such thing as too slow in a pan or an elevation shot you can always speed it up in post. If you go to fast in the shot you will make people seasick and making a shot slower in post looks choppy and makes for a bad shot. 

3. Turn all lights on

     - The brighter the better

4. Let the camera adjust to the room

     - Before you strat moving to get the shot the camera sometimes needs to adjust for the different light throughout the house so make sure you account for that before you move the camera. 

5. Look for elements to come alive

     - Fireplaces, nice faucets, pretty ranges look better when they are activated and on. It will give the shot more movement.

6. Pay attention to details

     - When you creating the video card with the property info it is easy to make a mistake on the Bed and Bathroom info which is a pain to change once the video is turned in and uploaded. Double checking your work will help you not make these mistakes. 

7. Keep it simple

     - You can't go wrong simply panning a room from left to right (or right to left) at belly or chest high to show off a room. If you move have too much movement sometimes that hurts the shot cause it is chaotic. Always the smoother the better.  In small rooms like bathrooms, a slow elevation shot from high to low or low to high will look best. If there is an awesome feature in the home you may want to do a reveal shot but do not tackle that unless you have some shoots under your belt and you feel comfortable with the end result. 

8. Mirror mirror on the wall

     - Be aware of mirror or you may end up in the shot

9. Check check it

     - Before you leave a shoot and you think everything is done it might be a good idea to pop the memory card in a laptop to make sure the property was reocrded and there wasnt a failure on a setting that will ruoin your shoot. 

Editing Your Videos

Use Fusion's format and template for your videos but below are some editing tips that may be helpful.