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Partnership Development Executive

The Opportunity We Offer:

Outside Sales Position offering a business platform and investment package to producing Real Estate Agents to help them expand and significantly grow their business.

W2, Benefits, Paid Vacation/Sick Leave, 401k.  Income range is annual $70,000 to $200,000.00

Fusion Growth Partners is a Business Incubator and Business Accelerator for real estate agents and teams.  We invest heavily (thousands of dollars in capital and other resources) into those small business and help them grow their clientele and teams. We earn our compensation with a small percentage of their future business.

We are looking for a polished professional to introduce and present our services and investment opportunities to individual real estate agents and small groups of agents.  

Job Description:

If you are a successful candidate with our firm:


You will be provided extensive training on our product, process and business systems.

You will be provided a list of agents and other professionals(with in the area we designate for you) that comes complete with phone number, email address and with their previous production for the last twelve months which will be between 5 million dollars in sales volume to 15 million dollars in sales volume.  This means that the agent is generating between $100,000 to $300,000 dollars in gross commission annually, some of which may be shared with their broker.

You will at your option, visit their office, send an email individually and call each agent to ascertain if they are looking to expand their business.

If they are thinking about, or are in the process of expanding, we would like to meet with them to find out if they would be interested in learning about how Fusion can help them grow. Fusion could potentially invest thousands of dollars of capital and other resources directly into their business as an investor and minority partner to help them expand faster, with less risk on their part and with a much higher chance of obtaining and maintaining desired business growth.

If they do fit our profile and they have expressed interest in learning more, we offer to provide them a face-to-face presentation on our details or a Web X style meeting if they are not local to the PDE.

Our presentation has a structured flow to qualify your audience as you move through the presentation. 

The power point presentation that has close to 100 slides that covers four main topics:

1. Our Business Beliefs and General Business Philosophy

2. Our 300-point business plan for our Agent Partners

3. Our Compensation model

4. How they can obtain our investment and services

We are not looking to “SELL” our services.  We are looking for people who see business in the same way we do and when we do the partnership sells itself to a significant extent.

In fact, we tell our prospects that if they do not see the value, if they do not agree with our business philosophy and do not believe that our business plan is effective then we are not interested in moving forward. It is Fusion that is investing the capital and the time without upfront compensation and we are really looking for individuals who are a good fit us so that the relationship will be potentially a healthy long term relationship.

If and only if an agent is excited about our services and partnership opportunity, it will be your task to take an application for partnership and then to present a term sheet / proposal to said agent within the follow week.

You would then be expected to follow up at the end of the meeting or a few days after sending the video if they are interested in receiving a specific offer or proposal.

)ur goal is to grow nationally and with speed therefore we are hopeful to find such candidates soon to help us achieve that goal.

To be a successful candidate for this position, you must have enthusiasm, and be willing to spend the time and energy it takes to train and fully understand our mission at Fusion Growth Partners.

For the benefit of those who are reading this ad, we have created rudimentary video presentations of our PowerPoint and our talking points on each slide. This way, you can see what we offer and get an idea of the level of the detail and sophistication of our partnership.

Our Ideal Candidate:

The type of person we seek is someone who fits the following description:

1. Can work SMART and HARD.

2. Someone dedicated to excellence.

3. Professional Appearance in Dress and actions.

4. Someone who is comfortable presenting concepts and ideas.

5. Someone is who is authentic.

6. Someone who is a good story teller.

7. Someone who can listen and be kind BUT is not a person who gets intimidated by a strong personality and can share different points a view without being abrasive or defensive.

8. Someone who is willing to walk away from a partnership, if they potential are not a good fit for Fusion.

Please visit our website here for more information:

To schedule an initial phone interview please fill out the questionnaire available HERE.

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