Listing Procedures per most MLS Rules



When you take a listing, per most MLS rules, you must complete one of the following options with your listing within 3 business days of the commencement date of the listing agreement.


  • Enter and submit the listing to the MLS

  • If the seller has given you a valid listing agreement, but does not want any marketing at all, you are to submit the listing while entering into the “on market date” field a date up to 60 days in the future. You will receive a message stating that you have an unapproved listing. As a result, this listing will only be viewable by you and your office until the date in the OMD field has been reached. After that date arrives, the listing goes live. Until it does so, there is to be NO marketing in any way, shape, or form.

  • If the seller has given you a valid listing agreement, and does not want it marketed on the MLS, but is open to other avenues for marketing, you must prepare and submit a waiver with signatures from both your seller and your broker.

  • If the property sells while it’s on waiver, then it does not get entered into the MLS for comparable sales.

  • If you enter the property into the system after the waiver expires, the number of days on market is calculated from the listing date on your original listing agreement.