Fusion funds and works hand-in-hand with agents and brokers in building their own real estate firm where the support is geared toward developing the agent's personal production and profit.



Fusion Real Estate Network is a business incubator and micro venture capital company providing services statewide to agents and brokers who affiliate with our firm under BRE and other state regulatory agencies.

Our agent approach at Fusion:


Fusion's Story

We do all the rest.

Business Advisement

One-on-one personal advisement with a business coach and real estate expert in order to create an individualized business plan and strategy


Representation by our in-house marketing team, specializing in agent advertising via personal website, social media, email marketing, residential mailings, and other facets of real estate advertising

Agent Connections

Fusion takes care of the administration and logistics of an Agent's real estate career in order for them to focus on what is most important: the clients



Real Estate Career

Fusion provides a complete business platform for agents to create, build, and grow their real estate career into a successful and long-term real estate business