Fusion CMA Program

Fusion would like to support you in sending your SOI a fully branded CMA package to your SOI

Please fill out this form to add a SOI/contact/prospect to the Annual CMA marketing program 

Here are the terms that need to be met for the CMA marketing campaign to be successfully delivered. 

Guidelines - 

- MLS needs to have the ability to save CMA searches (MLSs Currently Available - Metrolist)

- Agent is responsible for maintaining the prospect/contact/SO and searches from expiring

- If there is a limit to the amount of CMAs that can be saved the agent is responsible for adding and removing the searches. 

- MLS needs to be able to save prospect/contact/SO contacts

- Agent is responsible for keeping prospect/contact/SO list current and active

- MLS has to have the ability to save searches to a prospect/contact/SOI

- MLS has to have the ability to share the ID with a clerical user (Fusion’s Office Account)

- Agent is responsible for sharing their user ID with Fusion’s office ID

- Agent is responsible to activate the SOI to receive the CMA by filling out the CMA from

- Make sure contacts are added to the proper Group in MLS (Fusion CMA to SOI) 

- Name and save the search to SOI - "CMA ro SOI"