Client Annual Mail Program


Fusion mails a mix of 1-2 marketing pieces to your SOI each month so you are consistently making an appearance in their home


Fusion Exports Your SOI Contacts from Apptivo


We scrub the database to prep it for mailing
  • Remove contacts without address​
  • Remove any records that do not have Marketing Preference of All Marketing or Blank
Tom & Mary Collins
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 95555
Did You Also Know?
  • Mail will be addressed to primary first name and last name so if you show Tom & Mary in first name and Collins in last name this is how it will look...​​
Bob Smith and Alice Jones
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA  95555
  • If you have a Secondary Contact (two people with different last names) this is how it will be addressed

The Program Starts With

Your Story Letter

Followed By Your Resume

After your program launches, any time you add an SOI, Jump Start Marketing triggers and your Story Letter & Resume is mailed




High Impact Magazines

Make an impression with expense signaling

All in One

Recent Sales

Promote big events with a postcard or flyer.

Note:  We generally use 3rd class postage which takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.  We suggest working with your PDE and Marketing Manager on events at least 6 weeks in advance of when you want invitations to be delivered to allow time for design and execution



Fusion can develop and execute direct mail programs for  strategic GEO Farm or Marketing Silo Plans

Return Mail Process

During the Groundbreaker process you choose one of two options to handle returned mail:

Return to Your Home or Office Address:

  • When you receive returns, just send your Marketing Manager a list of names or take photos of returned envelopes


Return to Fusion Marketing Operations HQ in Sacramento

  • Fusion receives and processes retuned mail


Either Method:  After received, our team  removes the address from your CRM and asks if you want the contact researched to find new address

Note:  Based on when we receive returned mail and the timing of your next mailing, some repeat returns may occur

Always Investing in Your Growth.


Ask your PDE or Marketing Manager



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