A key strategy of a Fusion Client's Marketing Program

Keeps You Present Consistently in the Digital Space

Your Brand Ads are Displayed Across

a Variety of Websites and Mobile Apps

Your Brand Appears  On

Sites and Apps Like These...

Fusion Designs a Series of Display Ads

5 Different Message Sets with 6 Different Sizes in Each Set

Fusion Creates Landing Pages

on Your Website 

Each Banner Ad clicks through

to a different landing page

Who Sees Your Ads?

Glad You Asked!

Fusion Adds a Retargeting Pixel so

Anyone Who Visits Your Website...

Anyone Who Lands on Any of Your

Single Property Websites 

Anyone in your SOI Database With a valid Email

Will See Your Ads 

These Ad Campaigns Deliver!

For the $90/month ad expense the Average Delivery is

15,000 - 20,000  Ad Impressions

50 - 100 clicks throughs to landing pages


Ask your PDE or Marketing Manager
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