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No Time to Network & Prospect?

That is Hurting Your Business Growth!

The problem is, we are all granted a finite amount of time and attention that we can spend on our business.  This time must be carefully guarded and valued.  Every business decision you make should not only factor hard cost but the value of your time.

The Tale of Two Hours

It's coming up 4pm, there's a networking event just down the street that you wanted to attend, but those postcards you had printed two weeks ago are still sitting on your desk.  You can spend the next 2 hours getting those postcards ready to mail or you can go to the networking event to meet people that could become clients.  Both are important, what do you choose to do?

Make Networking a Priority

Working on a direct-mail piece can be handled by others, it doesn't require your personality, charisma and experience to accomplish that task.

Making an impression on prospective clients is something only YOU can DO!  By attending a networking event you can meet people and add contacts to your sphere of influence that you can then market to.


Not Good at Networking?  We Can Help!

Download Fusion Growth Partner's Comprehensive Guide to Networking.  You will learn:

  • Resources for meeting people or volunteering

  • Conversation Starters

  • How to nurture new contacts into relationships

  • How to obtain contact information for marketing

  • Ideas of events you can invite new contacts to

Fusion Growth Partners Logo March 2016 T

Our Team Does Everything

So You Have Time to Make Friends & Serve People

Business strategy

Your dedicated advisor  will develop your business plan, guide you through branding and create your strategic marketing plan.  Your advisor will connect with you weekly to keep your business plan on track.

branding & creative

A team of copywriters, graphic designers, photographers and videographer's work on your behalf to create your professional brand and marketing collateral.

marketing execution

Without stellar execution of consistent and frequent marketing across multiple modalities, even great ideas can fall flat.  Fusion takes on the heavy lifting so you can devote your time and energy to growing your business!

business systems

Fusion develops systems and processes so that your business operates smoothly and at maximum velocity. Our investment in resources, software and people are passed on to our partners.


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