TC will perform a minimum of three (3) file audits during the course of the transaction to ensure the file is complete prior to escrow via emails to Partner Agent, Cooperating Agent and/or their TC; as well as Escrow/Title – with the final file audit done three (3) days prior to projected close

  1. Confirm Broker and Fusion demands received

  2. Follow up to prior request(s) for missing signatures/initials or dates

  3. Follow up on missing documents from Partner Agent

  4. Follow up on missing documents from Cooperating Agent

  5. Confirm changes to COE or deadlines based on addendums, RR, etc.

Preparing file for Close of escrow and final audit & file clean up

  1. Final follow up with Title/Escrow – call and confirming email

  2. Final follow up with Cooperating Agent – call and confirming email

  3. Perform other duties as requested by Partner Agent to ensure to support and facilitate the close of escrow and complete the file based on broker requirements

  4. Once the file is complete, all finalized documents, disclosures and reports shall be uploaded into a link that will be emailed to the Partner Agent for broker file. This can also be done in stages as necessary, in order to accommodate broker requirements.