Agent Branding

Congratulations on your association with the Fusion Real Estate Network


One of the benefits of joining the Fusion Real Estate Network is the ability to market yourself and your own business. By branding yourself within your industry you will reap the long term benefits of business ownership, and have the opportunity to be more than just another agent in another broker’s office.


This package will guide you through the process of creative development. It establishes guidelines, requirements, on your part, the scope of work you can expect as part of the service Fusion offers, and guidelines. As you know, you are not in any way required to participate in this process, and you are free at any time to locate your own design supplier and products.


If you choose to participate in the design services offered by Fusion, please understand you must adhere to the guidelines set forth in this package, answer questions thoughtfully and entirely, understand limitations and time projections, and be willing to agree to requirements and responsibilities on your part. Your Infrastructure Development Coordinator will help you to adhere to specific processes in an effort to maintain the timely progression of each agent’s designs through to the final products.


If you choose to have your branding completed outside of Fusion you must adhere to all the branding guidelines set back Fusion Real Estate Network


It is our goal to get a brand you will be proud of, and get your marketing started as quickly as possible. With that stated we would like this package completed and returned to Fusion as quickly as possible. Most agents are able to return their branding package within 3 business days. If you are unable to complete the branding package within the timeframe please let your Infrastructure Development Coordinator know so we can assist you in whatever capacity needed. Excessive logo requirements, changes, and complexities only serve to delay that goal. Please remember the following: Your brand is important, but it is only one part of your business. No business is automatically made better or worse by a certain color, or a certain style, or a certain logo choice. It’s the overall marketing, the commitment, the reach and the frequency that all join together with your brand to get you and keep you in front of your potential clients.


Again, congratulations and welcome to Fusion Real Estate Network.



The following items are included in an Agent’s Branding Package


  • Custom Logo Development & Design

    - Includes logo files submitted to your Business Development Manager suitable for print and online use

  • Business Card Development and Design

    - Please note: The cost of producing the cards is the agent’s responsibility

  • Stationery Suite

    - Includes letterhead and business envelope design suitable for printing, as well as elements converted for use in Word or any document rendering programs

  • Listing Panel Development and Design

    - Implementing the colors, logo and hallmarks of your business suite to carry the brand through to outdoor listing panels

  • Customized Postcard Mailers


Please note: The cost of producing any of the  marketing materials is the agent's responsibility



The estimated time to complete the Brandng Process from begining to end is 12 business days. This tight scedule requires complete participation from the agent.