Real Estate Business Advisor/ Consultant / Coach
for Expanding Real Estate Practices and Teams



The Opportunity we Offer: Base Salary Plus Bonus

We are offering a professional business advisor and coaching position for fast-growing real estate practices and teams. This can start as a part-time position but it is our desire that our candidates become full-time. For a full-time position, the income can range from $80,000 to $200,000 annually. 

A successful candidate will be able to offer (through our company) significant business resources to real estate agents who are interested in expanding their business into a small team or a larger organization. These resources include (but are not limited to) thousands of dollars of marketing capital, business systems and processes, and the staff to operate those business systems—all paid for up front by our company as an investment into the agents’ businesses. The agent pays nothing up front.
With this investment, we require the agent to participate in highly sophisticated business consulting and coaching to ensure their likelihood of success. Successful candidates for this advisor position will be trained and certified to provide this coaching to the agents in whom we are investing.

In other words, we are seeking an individual who will work in conjunction with our company to present partnership opportunities to ambitious real estate agents. These partnerships could help them expand at a much faster rate thanks to our established business plan and the capital we provide. Our successful candidates will manage the relationship and the business consulting for these partnerships they help create.

The Purpose of our Company:

Fusion Growth Partners is a business incubator and business accelerator for real estate agents and teams. When we partner with an agent, we invest heavily into their small businesses and help them significantly grow their clientele and build a true business or company. 

We accomplish this by providing sophisticated business planning, complete systems and processes, the use of our trained staff to run those systems, and thousands of dollars in marketing capital. The agent pays nothing up front; it is an investment from Fusion into their business. We earn our compensation from a small percentage of their future business. As far as we know, we are the only company in the country that that currently offers these services.

We work with agents from dozens of brokerages, including RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams and others.
It is our practice to present our services personally to a potential partner to ensure full comprehension and interaction with that partner.


For the benefit of those who are reading this ad, we have created rudimentary video presentations of our PowerPoint and our talking points on each slide. This way, you can see what we offer and get an idea of the level of detail and sophistication of our partnership.




Our Ideal Candidate:

Our ideal candidate is a polished professional who is currently working in residential real estate, who has an excellent reputation in their area, and who is either a broker, a sales manager, or a trainer. Potentially, they could also be a loan officer or a current agent who has been successful in the past but feels that a change of pace from selling to helping others succeed would be reinvigorating.

Job Description:

There are two main parts of this position. The first part is to be an advisor and coach for real estate agents and team leaders to help them grow their businesses. This is not a typical coaching experience where the coach is just an accountability partner. Instead, you as an advisor will be having sophisticated business discussions and encouraging implementation of proven business methodologies that our organization promotes. Although accountability is important for the advisory process, it is only a small part of it. Our coaching is essentially high-level consulting. Our process is educational, comprehensive and has an element of accountability.

Consulting and Coaching your Clients:

You will be trained and mentored in our coaching process, systems and business philosophy.

Position Requirements

The type of person we seek is someone who fits the following description:

  • Residential real estate experience

  • Successful career

  • Professional appearance in dress and actions

  • Someone who is comfortable presenting concepts and ideas

  • Someone who is authentic

  • Someone who can listen and be kind BUT is not a person who gets intimidated by a strong personality and can share different points of view without being abrasive or defensive

  • Someone who is willing to walk away from a partnership if the potential is not a good fit for Fusion.

  • If you have a sincere interest in the services, please fill out the questionnaire available HERE.